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Icelandic Leadership Trail
custom planning
custom planning
Gauksmyri, Þjóðvegur, Hunafloi, IJsland
Together we go back outdoors, into nature again. On this trip we'll hike our way through Iceland mountains, guide a group of 800 horses back home through the wilderness or ride our mountainbikes in between fire and ice.
Cold Water Challenge
The Netherlands
The Netherlands
Boosting our immune system by breathing exercise and cold water exposure. After this workshop, you'll feel stronger, healthier and more relaxed.
Personal Training
Tetterode, 2051 EC Overveen, Netherlands
Strength & Conditioning + Performance Coaching on physical, mental and emotional level. Trainings can take place outdoors in National Park Kennemerduinen or at Sportcomplex Tetterode, both in Overveen, Bloemendaal area.

my story

Hi, I'm Noå. My life as an athlete started at 6, kayaking my way across a lake in The Netherlands. From racing to the top in my youth to playing canoe polo at adolescence, I became (playing) coach at national and international level. This experience created the physical, mental and emotional basis which I apply to my work as a performance coach.

As a professional in strength & conditioning, coaching and leadership challenges, I'm driven by the thought 'take the opportunity of lifelong learning, to improve personal quality of life and professional performance by consciousness and exercise'.

I am stoked about organizing outdoor challenges like cold water experiences, sweat-dripping-exercises and leadership trails in both The Netherlands and abroad. Looking forward to connect and create your challenge together!



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Bloemendaal area, The Netherlands

+316 2650 2651 - noa(at)inwardtravel(dot)nl

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