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Time is TBD


Basecamp Festival

Ice Bath & Dance

Festival for the Re-generation. See event-page (through booking-link) for more info..! For 10% discount use code: BASECAMPUNCONFERENCE2022 and book your Ice Bath straight as a supplementary to your ticket!

Ice Bath & Dance

time & location

Time is TBD

Basecamp Festival, Kennemermeer 27, 1976 GK IJmuiden, Netherlands

Health Risks & Covid-19

Health Risks & Covid-19

This workshop can be practiced by every healthy adult (16+)*. If you are dealing with a serious medical condition, we advise to counsel a healthcare professional before subscribing. Participating in this workshop is at own risk. When subscribing, I declare I am not dealing with any of the following

Health Risks

⬡  Pregnancy

⬡  Epilepsy

⬡  High blood pressure (in case of prescription medication)

⬡  Coronary heart disease (e.g. Angina Pectoris; Stable Angina)

⬡  A history of serious health issues like heart failure or stroke 

Covid-19 Liability Waiver 

⬡  For the event venue a valid green QR is needed

⬡  Common sense is also appreciated 

* If you suffer from migraines, we urge you to be cautious about taking ice baths. Children under the age of 16 have to be supervised by a parent or legal guardian.

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